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  • Home Page - the "front door" to our website
  • Accommodation - a summary of the guest accommodation we provide, with links to the following pages which provide more information and photos:-
  • Guest Book - a selection of some of the comments left by our guests
  • How To Find Us - details of the location of our guest house, including a zoomable Google Map
  • Meals & Tariff - details of our rates for bed and breakfast accommodation
  • Contact Us- all our contact details, including an on-line enquiry form
  • Tourist Info - information about Gairloch and the local area: places to see and things to do - including some photos
  • Useful Links - a set of links to other local websites giving information about travel, tourist attractions, places to eat and drink, etc.
  • Site Map - as it says on all good location maps:- "You are here!"
  • Privacy Policy - a statement of our privacy policy as regards your personal details and our use of Internet cookies